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First, i’ll start off by giving my reason for this post…

In almost every DJ show i’ve done, all over the world, with almost every conversation with promoters & supporters – i end up hearing “oh my gosh! I didn’t know you made *****, i love that tune”.

So i thought i’d post up a quick run down off all of my biggest tunes i’ve made & put out over the years (not including the odd major label remixes).

Here goes…

Tribal Affair/Motherboard (white label):


(This came out on a limited press of 200 back in 2009 on Uptown Records not long after i made Motherboard)

Addictive – Bad Girl (Champion Remix) – 2NV:

(This came out in the summer of 2010, digital only on the label i was on for a while back then – if you checked the link, that was the official video for it shot in Ayia Napa & you’ll notice that for about 30 secs, I’m actually in it lol)

Motherboard EP (Motherboard, Tribal Affair VIP, Lose Control) – Hardrive Records:

‘Lose Control’

(Came out on Terror Danjah’s imprint Hardrive Records in early 2011 on 12″ & digital – just felt that i needed to re-introduce myself by releasing these tracks again with the addition of a fresh tune for the people that knew)

1994 (Unreleased):

(Done this back in 2010 just for fun – just to clear this up, the reason I don’t send this out or release it is because it is a BOOTLEG, i do not have consent to actually use the sample so shout out to the few that managed to get it, sorry to those that cant)

Lighter EP (Lighter, Lighter VIP, Bongoshot) – Formula Records:

‘Lighter VIP’

(Kick started my label ‘Formula Records’ with this in late 2011 on 12″ & digital *refer to my first post on here!* but i actually had DJ’s playing it since early 2010)

Sensitivity ft. Ruby Lee Ryder (Sensitivity, Tun Up Di Bass) – Formula Records:


(Dropped in late 2011 also being the second ‘Formula Records’ release on 12″ & digital)

Rainforest EP (Rainforest, War Dance, Selectah) – Roska’s Kicks & Snares:

‘War Dance’

(Again, came out in late 2011 but an early version of War Dance has been floating about amongst DJ’s with Mistajam having & playing a dub of it since 2010!)

Crazy ft. Princess Nyah (Ft. Terror Danjah & D.O.K remix) – Formula Records:

(Kicked off 2012 with this being ‘Formula Records’ 3rd release on 12″ & digital – no interesting fact for this one I’m afraid lol)

Crystal Meth/Speed – Butterz:

‘Crystal Meth’

(Came out on Elijah & Skilliam’s label ‘Butterz’ in July 2012 on 12″ & digital and with an official video as you will have noticed from the above link!)

AirMax 90 w/ Terror Danjah – Hyperdub:

(My most recent release based on when this was written – came out on Terror Danjah’s Dark Crawler LP on CD & digital in October 2012 which you will have noticed, is my first collaboration track ever!)

And there you have it…

For the fact that theres no wikipedia page & SOOOO many people called ‘Champion’ – i get that its hard for people to do the research and back-track if you’ve just discovered my music so I hope this was insightful!

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