Champion & Serious set at Butterz is Three!


The set from the last Butterz x Hardrive is now up!

Hosted by RBMA this time around as well 🙂

Have a listen by clicking HERE

*update* You can now WATCH the events that occurred during my set below!



Champion & Serious set @ Butterz & Hardrive FOOTAGE!!!


So here it is – the FOOTAGE from the Butterz & Hardrive 4 set, enjoy!

For the tracklist & the soundcloud link (which you can also download the set from) go to my previous post on it HERE

Champion Discography

First, i’ll start off by giving my reason for this post…

In almost every DJ show i’ve done, all over the world, with almost every conversation with promoters & supporters – i end up hearing “oh my gosh! I didn’t know you made *****, i love that tune”.

So i thought i’d post up a quick run down off all of my biggest tunes i’ve made & put out over the years (not including the odd major label remixes).

Here goes…

Tribal Affair/Motherboard (white label):


(This came out on a limited press of 200 back in 2009 on Uptown Records not long after i made Motherboard)

Addictive – Bad Girl (Champion Remix) – 2NV:

(This came out in the summer of 2010, digital only on the label i was on for a while back then – if you checked the link, that was the official video for it shot in Ayia Napa & you’ll notice that for about 30 secs, I’m actually in it lol)

Motherboard EP (Motherboard, Tribal Affair VIP, Lose Control) – Hardrive Records:

‘Lose Control’

(Came out on Terror Danjah’s imprint Hardrive Records in early 2011 on 12″ & digital – just felt that i needed to re-introduce myself by releasing these tracks again with the addition of a fresh tune for the people that knew)

1994 (Unreleased):

(Done this back in 2010 just for fun – just to clear this up, the reason I don’t send this out or release it is because it is a BOOTLEG, i do not have consent to actually use the sample so shout out to the few that managed to get it, sorry to those that cant)

Lighter EP (Lighter, Lighter VIP, Bongoshot) – Formula Records:

‘Lighter VIP’

(Kick started my label ‘Formula Records’ with this in late 2011 on 12″ & digital *refer to my first post on here!* but i actually had DJ’s playing it since early 2010)

Sensitivity ft. Ruby Lee Ryder (Sensitivity, Tun Up Di Bass) – Formula Records:


(Dropped in late 2011 also being the second ‘Formula Records’ release on 12″ & digital)

Rainforest EP (Rainforest, War Dance, Selectah) – Roska’s Kicks & Snares:

‘War Dance’

(Again, came out in late 2011 but an early version of War Dance has been floating about amongst DJ’s with Mistajam having & playing a dub of it since 2010!)

Crazy ft. Princess Nyah (Ft. Terror Danjah & D.O.K remix) – Formula Records:

(Kicked off 2012 with this being ‘Formula Records’ 3rd release on 12″ & digital – no interesting fact for this one I’m afraid lol)

Crystal Meth/Speed – Butterz:

‘Crystal Meth’

(Came out on Elijah & Skilliam’s label ‘Butterz’ in July 2012 on 12″ & digital and with an official video as you will have noticed from the above link!)

AirMax 90 w/ Terror Danjah – Hyperdub:

(My most recent release based on when this was written – came out on Terror Danjah’s Dark Crawler LP on CD & digital in October 2012 which you will have noticed, is my first collaboration track ever!)

And there you have it…

For the fact that theres no wikipedia page & SOOOO many people called ‘Champion’ – i get that its hard for people to do the research and back-track if you’ve just discovered my music so I hope this was insightful!

For more of my music & mixes, check out my Soundcloud & Mixcloud

For bookings, email champion@formularecords or

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